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Get Involved

At Albrighton & District Civic Society, we believe in the power of voluntary action and local clubs to make our community thrive. By joining us, you can find opportunities to get involved in preserving and enhancing our cultural, environmental, and historical heritage.


Join us and make a difference in your community today.


Albrighton & District Civic Society is committed to preserving and showcasing our local heritage, and membership is a great way to get involved and show your support. We offer  annual individual and family memberships for just £1 and  £2 respectively, or life membership for £10. Your membership helps to fund our efforts to protect and promote our community's history and landmarks.


Join us today!

Local Clubs & Societies

The civic society, are proud to support and encourage community involvement through the local clubs and societies.

There are a variety of groups to choose from, catering to a range of interests and activities.

Why not join one of the local clubs and become an active member of your community.

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